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Constitutional Consultant

...and assists the Executive Director with their presentation to the members prior to a vote. The Constitutional Consultant reviews all proposed amendments to unit bylaws and bylaws of new units... Read More

WOTUS Hearing Update

...and anglers broadly celebrated the Clean Water Rule and supported the science that went into its development. According to the letter, the rule would conserve the roughly 60 percent of... Read More


...Suite 11321 Silver Spring, MD 20910 Office: 301-734-1069 Email: [email protected] April Croxton is an Analyst for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Policy, Planning, and Evaluation office. Previously, she... Read More

Conducting Unit Business

which is usually easier and faster than paper balloting and typically encourages greater participation. ‘E-voting’ presents a number of potential issues that should be considered prior to holding an election.... Read More

New Course Approval

...2019 CE-Course Approval Form. The CEC is more likely to approval course proposals if detailed curriculum design information is provided. This Example of a Course Approval Form (PDF) provides an... Read More