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AFS Journals Program

...AFS online journals; print journals require a subscription. Whether you are a member or subscriber or not, you can still receive content alerts whenever new content is available online. How... Read More

Continuing Education

in American Lobster Fishery Thursday, July 22, 2021 The 100‐Watt Method: A Protocol for Backpack Electrofishing in Small Streams Wednesday, June 30, 2021 2021 AFS Election – Meet the Second... Read More

New to Fisheries?

an aquatic resource that has biological (typically fish), environmental (like water quality), and social (people) components. Fisheries professionals may work for the government, nonprofit organizations, universities and colleges, or private... Read More


...of Aquatic Animal Health (quarterly, published since 1989) North American Journal of Aquaculture (quarterly, published since 1935) Marine and Coastal Fisheries (open-access, published since 2009) Fisheries Magazine Fisheries (monthly magazine,... Read More