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A Manual of Fish Culture

...Trout Lake Trout Whitefish Shad Black Basses, Crappies, and Rock Bass Miscellaneous Fresh-Water Fishes Cod Common Mackerel Flatfish or Winter Flounder Miscellaneous Salt-Water Fishes American Lobster Transportation of Fish and... Read More

Featured Papers in AFS Journals

...and Population Size of the Southern Distinct Population Segment of Green Sturgeon NAJFM: Quasi‐Stationary Atlantic Cod Bycatch Estimation in the Maine American Lobster Homarus americanus Trap Fishery 2018 NAJFM: Understanding... Read More

North American Fisheries Policy

...populations being harvested. Where this has not occurred, fish populations such as haddock, Atlantic cod, red snapper, Pacific herring, Pacific halibut, salmon, and king crab have declined. In many cases,... Read More

Use of Best Available Science

...are threatened by nonfisheries activities. Multiple species and ecosystem concerns compound these issues in both the scientific and management arenas. Controversies have arisen in the management of cod in the... Read More

Native Fishes of Idaho

...Acipenseridae – sturgeon Salmonidae – trout, salmon, whitefish, and char Cyprinidae – minnows Catostomidae – suckers Percopsidae – trout perch Gadidae – cod Cottidae – sculpins References Glossary Appendix A... Read More