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Trout and Char of the World

Edited by Jeffrey L. Kershner, Jack E. Williams, Robert E. Gresswell, and Javier Lobón-Cerviá 777 pages, hardcover, index ISBN: 978-1-934874-54-7 List price: $79.00 AFS member price: $55.30 Published September 2019... Read More

Climate Change

...especially coldwater species like trout.10 Suitable habitat of for trout is expected to decline by 47% under an ecologically friendly emission scenario.11 The geographical ranges of many freshwater plant and... Read More

Virtual Spring Conference

...recording in the proper format: File > Export > Create Video “Full HD” Option: Select “Presentation Quality” and “Use Recorded Timing and Narrations” > Save MPEG-4 Only > Upload to... Read More