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Section-level Awards

CANADIAN AQUATIC RESOURCES SECTION Peter A. Larkin Award EDUCATION SECTION Early Career Professional Travel Award AFS/SEA GRANT Best Student Poster and Paper Awards Student Subsection of the Education Section Undergraduate... Read More

We Must Be the Change

...pumpkin spice lattes and keep your feet firmly planted on the ground—sweeping policy change will be unlikely even with the left taking control of the House. Large‐scale policy change is... Read More

Shall We Advocate?

by Thomas E. Bigford, Policy Director Advocacy in its simplest construct has two components — an issue and a voice. Life is rarely so simple, as is definitely true about... Read More

Shall We Advocate? 10 issues, which usually shift slightly each year, could occupy us for years as we analyze the best-available science, develop solutions, seek public acceptance, and take action. Advocacy can... Read More