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The Skill We All Need our skill sets—to provide easily understood, rock-solid, scientifically based information—or risk ceding the debate to more effective communicators who may not prioritize best available science and long-term benefits to... Read More

Coping with Point Source Discharges

...Definition Industry withdraws surface (and sometimes subsurface) water to use as either process or cooling water. Although industrial water is usually not greatly altered quantitatively it is usually altered chemically... Read More

Magnuson-Stevens Act

...American Fisheries Society (AFS) strongly endorses continued reliance on Best Scientific Information Available Standard (BSIA), as a best practice in managing the nation’s fisheries. More The success of MSA is... Read More

We Must Be the Change

...pumpkin spice lattes and keep your feet firmly planted on the ground—sweeping policy change will be unlikely even with the left taking control of the House. Large‐scale policy change is... Read More

The Future of AFS Journals

members will receive complimentary online access to all of our journals, plus another journal published by Wiley, beginning in January 2018. The rapidly changing world of publishing demands that organizations... Read More