Photo of Octopus being Anesthetized

How to Anesthetize an Octopus

Abstract Recent progress in animal welfare legislation relating to invertebrates has provoked interest in methods for the anesthesia of cephalopods, for which different approaches to anesthesia have been tried but in most cases without truly anesthetizing the animals. For example, several workers have used muscle relaxants or hypothermia as forms of “anesthesia.” Several inhalational anesthetics are known to... Read More

News Bites – June 2015

“Fish Fight” What does a seahorse made of balloons look like? “He Smells Sea Smells at the Seashore” Leafy seadragons 101 Trout fishing from a swimming pool?! “Monsters of the Deep” Octopus’ favourite real estate: a coconut  What is a Fishackathon? The cod are back in town  Lobsters come in all sizes and colours “The Surprising Way Jellyfish... Read More

Best Ways To Purchase Viagra.

Generally there is no real reason to visit chemist’s shop every time you need to purchase medications. Typically discount medicaments save money, but some online pharmacies offer better deals than others. Let’s discuss about numerous drugs. In these latter days many men search online for the exact phrase on search engines. Very likely you already... Read More

The Science Framework for Implementing the Fisheries Protection Provisions of Canada’s Fisheries Act

Jake Rice, Michael J. Bradford, Keith D. Clarke, Marten A. Koops, Robert G. Randall, and Roger Wysocki In 2012, Canada’s Fisheries Act was amended. New fisheries protection provisions provide for the sustainability and ongoing productivity of commercial, recreational, and Aboriginal fisheries. These provisions replace previous provisions that focused on fish habitats, and concerns have been... Read More

Fisheries Magazine – June 2015

Highlights of Fisheries Magazine – June 2015 In this Issue: • Policy Column Nature-Based Remedies to Societal Woes • AFS News Improving Communication/Cooperation among Aquatic Professional Societies • Interviews Q&A: Interview with Jay Hemdal, Toledo Zoo Fish Curator Q&A: Interview with Sara Turner PEER • Muskellunge and Northern Pike Ecology and Management: Important Issues and... Read More

Fisheries Magazine – May 2015

Highlights of Fisheries Magazine – May 2015  In this Issue: • President’s Commentary Highlighting the 2014 AFS Award of Excellence Recipient—  Kenneth A. Rose • Policy Column Top 10 Policy Issues for AFS • Student Angle How to Navigate Fisheries Education and Employment • AFS News AFS Hosts Capitol Hill Briefings on Marine Fisheries Management... Read More

Maybe It's Not Just About the Fish

by Tom Bigford, Policy Director Most of my previous columns focused on fish, fish habitat, fishing, fish agencies, fish communications, etc. Anything fishy was fair game. But my supposedly wide net may well have been naïve. The last month has been eye-opening, and incredibly exciting. With better hindsight than foresight, I now see what I... Read More