Q&A: Black Bass Diversity: Multidisciplinary Science for Conservation

An Interview with Michael D. Tringali, James M. Long, Timothy W. Birdsong, and Micheal S. Allen, editors. 2015. Black bass diversity: multidisciplinary science for conservation. American Fisheries Society, Symposium 82, Bethesda, Maryland. To purchase Black Bass Diversity: Multidisciplinary Science for Conservation, visit Why did you decide to write this book? Habitat degradation and introductions... Read More

Environmental DNA Clearinghouse: New Tools for Managers

Recent advances in genetic analysis are transforming the ways in which biologists monitor and manage aquatic organisms. Traditional monitoring techniques for aquatic species are often costly and time-intensive, especially when managers need information about rare, elusive, or newly-colonizing species. Analysis of DNA found in the environment, or eDNA, can provide managers with data about the... Read More

Steven Berkeley Marine Conservation Fellowship Winners

Steven Berkeley  His Marine Conservation Legacy Lives On by Howard Williams (AFS Administrative Specialist and Berkeley Fellowship Coordinator) Since the scholarship began in 2008, more than 300 outstanding students have applied. Each year we ask previous recipients to update us on their research and how the fellowship has impacted both their research and their careers. We... Read More

A Life of Fishing and Fisheries Conservation

The Steven Berkeley Marine Conservation Fellowship was established in 2007 to honor the memory of Steve Berkeley, a dedicated fisheries scientist with a passionate interest in integrating the fields of marine ecology, conservation biology, and fisheries science to improve fisheries management. Through this fellowship, Steve’s legacy lives on by supporting graduate student research in marine... Read More

Blogging Fish Science

Thank you, Donna, for inviting me into this space to offer a perspective on the role of blogging in science and our Society. I’ve written the Climate-Aquatics Blog the last several years as a means of rapidly and broadly distributing peer-reviewed research pertaining to climate change and its effects on aquatic ecosystems. My intent in... Read More

The Gullah/Geechee Fishing Association

by Lonnie Gonsalves, Marybeth Brey, and Cecilia Lewis – The Executive Committee for the AFS Equal Opportunities Section The AFS Equal Opportunities Section is dedicated to highlighting the value of diversity and increasing the participation of underrepresented groups within AFS and fisheries science. By sharing the stories of various groups, we are often able to see... Read More

AFS Completes Assessment, Issues New Guidance Regarding Hatchery Operation and the Use of Hatchery-Origin Fish

Jesse Trushenski, Lee Blankenship, Jim Bowker, Tom Flagg, Jay Hesse, Ken Leber, Kai Lorenzen, Don MacKinlay, Des Maynard, Christine Moffitt, Vince Mudrak, Kim Scribner, Scott Stuewe, John Sweka, Gary Whelan, and Connie Young-Dubovsky The American Fisheries Society (AFS) is the oldest, largest, and most influential professional organization devoted to fisheries conservation and, in this capacity,... Read More