Washington-British Columbia Chapter Virtual Annual General Meeting

The WA-BC Executive Committee is still in the process of planning the virtual 2021 Annual General Meeting, which will occur on March 1–3, 2021. Updates will be provided through the WA-BC listserv, social media, and Updates column on our homepage. Stay tuned for more information!

Crossing Boundaries and Navigating Intersections

Boundaries are divides that may include technology, methodology, mindsets, disciplines, environments, borders, politics, communications, values and the like. Intersections represent pathways where these often-separate factors converge. We have all been on a learning journey during 2020 as we navigate new boundaries prompted by this age of pandemic. This meeting will be another exercise in learning as we cross these boundaries using a virtual format to navigate our meeting. Our desire remains the same, leveraging our collective talent to cross spatial, topical, and cultural boundaries to navigate towards intersections that lead to the betterment of our profession and the advancement of management of fisheries and of aquatic resources.

Call for Symposia

The Washington-British Columbia Chapter of the American Fisheries Society invites you to submit your symposium proposals for the 2021 Annual General Meeting to be held virtually March 1–3, 2021. Symposia organizers are encouraged to submit proposals, recruit presenters, solicit presenter abstracts, and direct presenters to submit their abstracts. For information on formatting and submitting proposals, please view our Call for Symposia. The deadline for submissions is Monday, January 4, 2021.