Postponed to 2021: 44th Larval Fish Conference

Fellow Larval Fish Enthusiasts!

Over the past weeks, we have witnessed with incredible sadness the continuing and alarming spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. What appeared to still be a hopeful possibility just a short while ago, has now given way to the only responsible, inevitable decision.

We will not have a physical Larval Fish Conference this year.

We know this is sad news to so many, not least to us who had looked forward to welcome you here this summer. But even in the now more and more unlikely scenario that the situation improves in time to make international travel permissible again, there simply does not seem sufficient certainty among any of us to make planning this conference a possibility any longer.

But there are also hopeful news. Together, the Ex-Comm of the Early Life History Section and the conference organizers have decided not to just cancel but to postpone the LFC44 by one year to June 2021. And because our community is renowned for its spirit, this year in June we will come together during a virtual science townhall that will allow sharing of research and remote networking. Details will be forthcoming shortly.

Your LFC organizing committee (Hannes, Eric, Jackie, Jon & Paul)

Mystic, Connecticut, June 21-26, 2020

This is the time to mark your calendar, think about your contribution, check out the theme sessions, keynote speakers, venue on the LFC44 website and – most importantly – spread the word! Hope to see all of you there.

Contributions are invited to 6 Theme Sessions:

Ichthyoplankton time series
Climate change effects
Ornamental aquaculture
Sensory biology & behavior
Form, function & development
Recruitment process

Abstract submission deadline is 15 March 2020.