Job: PhD Assistantship: eDNA and aDNA Ecology of Clupeid Fishes

Title PhD Assistantship: eDNA and aDNA Ecology of Clupeid Fishes
Agency, Location University of Maine, Orono, ME, USA.
Categories Student
Job # 13401
Salary Graduate student stipend, tuition, health insurance contribution

Conduct doctoral dissertation research applying environmental DNA (eDNA) and ancient DNA (aDNA) approaches to understand the current and historical population, community and ecosystem dynamics of river herring and Atlantic herring in Maine, USA.  eDNA approaches offer new capacity to study the dynamics of these ecologically, economically, and culturally important fishes at unprecedented spatial and temporal scales. The successful candidate will conduct research linking scales from lakes to the Gulf of Maine and from the present day to pre-European colonization. Research will address current needs of modern fisheries and restoration monitoring efforts while advancing the science of eDNA-based ecological inference and our understanding of how historical and ongoing anthropogenic factors (dams, harvest, pollution and climate change) have shaped the role of these important species in larger food webs.


MS degree, or extensive B.S. research experience, in biology, ecology, fisheries, or related discipline. Experience with molecular genetic techniques preferred. Must have excellent communication and quantitative skills (as evidenced by GPA, test scores, or writing samples).

Ad Closing Date:Until qualified graduate student is hired


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