Job: Ph.D. Graduate Assistantship

Title Ph.D. Graduate Assistantship
Agency, Location University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
Categories Student
Job # 12295
Salary $24,000 per year, plus tuition and fees

We seek a highly motivate PhD student for a grant-funded project examining the trophic, population, and community ecology of small demersal reef fishes (SDRF) in the northern Gulf of Mexico. The student will work jointly with Drs. Will Patterson (UF Marine Fisheries Laboratory) and Dave Chagaris (UF Nature Coast Laboratory) to investigate SDFR ecology via remotely operated vehicle-based sampling along the west Florida Shelf, bulk and compound-specific stable isotope analysis of muscle tissue, and examination of otolith microstructure. In addition, empirical data will be utilized to inform ecosystem models to estimate large-scale perturbations, such as invasive species and oil spills, on reef fish communities. The position will be available starting August 2017.


M.S. degree in biology, ecology, marine science, fisheries, or related field. Minimum academic qualifications include GRE scores in the upper 50th percentile in each category and a GPA of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 system). Strong applicants will exceed these minima and have a record of research productivity via publication in peer-reviewed journals.