Job: Personal assistant / Researcher 1

Title Personal assistant / Researcher 1
Agency, Location University of Minnesota
Categories Professional
Job # 12413
Salary $35,000 – 45,000 per year with full benefits
End Date 2017-10-15

A full-time research assistant with knowledge of fish biology and husbandry is sought to work with researchers at the Sorensen Laboratory. Key responsibilities are:
1) Manage a research lab and an associated fish holding facility.
2) Work under PhD student to conduct and analyze experiments that address sound and light on fish behavior.
3) Feed and maintain laboratory fishes.
4) Miscellaneous work as assigned by Dr. Sorensen. This may include: construction and maintenance of laboratory facilities for experiments, field sampling for fish and possible overnight work.


1) BA/BS degree in fisheries, aquatic science, biology, or related field
2) Demonstrated organizational skills
3) Experience conducting research experiments and maintaining detailed data records
4) Demonstrated experience with fish care and husbandry