Job: MS Student Fisheries

Title MS Student Fisheries
Agency, Location College of Fisheries & Ocean Sciences/Alaska
Categories Student
Job # 13580
Salary ~$30K/yr + tuition + health insurance

The successful applicant will conduct MS thesis research in Juneau, AK, using a demographic and genetic dataset of unparalleled richness (Auke Creek coho salmon) to: 1) quantify the relative fitness (survival and reproductive success) of ‘jacks’ (precocial males) and full-size males in a wild population of coho salmon; 2) determine whether jacks are more likely to sire jacks and larger female offspring than are full-size males; and 3) assess the contribution of jacks to the maintenance of genetic diversity in wild and hatchery populations.  Final confirmation of funding anticipated shortly.  Fieldwork and computer analyses required.  Population genetics background preferred.  Application reviews start Nov 1.  Positions starts Jan 10. Contact Megan McPhee (UAF) [email protected], Dave Tallmon (UAS & UAF) [email protected], or Scott Vulstek (NOAA Auke Bay Laboratories) [email protected]



Ad Closing Date: 11/1/2019


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