Job: MS Fisheries – Flathead Catfish movements

Title MS Fisheries – Flathead Catfish movements
Agency, Location Fisheries and Wildlife Program, Arkansas Tech University
Categories Student
Job # 13585
Salary $13,200 + tuition.

Use telemetry to track movements of Flathead Catfish in the Arkansas River. Primary focuses of the study will be locating spawning high use areas, tracking seasonal movements, and determining the timing and magnitude of inter-pool movements.

Financial support is provided by a teaching assistantship that requires teaching two lower-level laboratories in the biological sciences and weekly help-lab/tutoring duties.

To begin in January or May 2020.


The successful candidate will have a competitive combination of grades and GRE scores, and will have demonstrated dependability, the ability to work independently, and the motivation to gain practical experience.  Familiarity with boat operation and telemetry techniques is a plus.  Must be able to tolerate adverse, sometimes harsh field conditions and be field ambulatory.  Send GRE scores, transcripts, and a letter of intent to the contact.

Ad Closing Date: 04/01/2020


[email protected]