Job: M.Sc. or Ph.D. Position: Fish Stress Physiology

Title M.Sc. or Ph.D. Position: Fish Stress Physiology
Agency, Location Department of Biology, University of Regina, Regina, SK, Canada
Categories Student
Job # 13749
Salary Minimum: $19,000

Investigate the short- and long-term impacts of temperature and hypoxia stress in embryonic, larval and/or juvenile whitefish using experimental, physiological and molecular approaches.  Although there are multiple research avenues within this broad topic, the incoming student may choose to build on our recent research showing, for the first time, that early stage embryos can activate the hypothalamic-pituitary-interrenal axis and synthesize cortisol in response to stress.

  • B.Sc. or M.Sc. in biology, physiology or related fields.
  • Highly motivated and capable of working both independently and as part of a group.
  • Experience with methods in physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology, modeling and data visualization using R, and/or experimentation with fish are desirable.

Ad Closing Date:  June 15, 2020


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