Job: M.S. graduate student

Title M.S. graduate student
Agency, Location Northern Michigan University
Categories Student
Job # 13678
Salary $20,000

The Gerig Lab at Northern Michigan University (NMU) is recruiting a M.S. graduate student to analyze and synthesize an existing data set collected by the U.S. Geological Survey and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from the St. Marys River (SMR). The SMR connects Lakes Superior and Huron and contains a unique assemblage of river spawning fishes. This study will determine the phenology and magnitude of larval fish production emanating from the SMR rapids and vicinity. Since the SMR is hydrologically regulated by a series of compensating gates, larval production will be related to river discharge and velocity changes at various gate settings to determine how flow patterns influence larval fish drift dynamics. The project will be jointly overseen by both Dr. Brandon Gerig of NMU and Dr. Ed Roseman of the USGS Great Lakes Science Center.


 Preference will be given to students with strong writing and data analysis skills.

Ad Closing Date: 2/15/2020


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