Job: Graduate Assistant

Title Graduate Assistant
Agency, Location USM Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, Ocean Springs, MS
Categories Student
Job # 12400
Salary Masters -$22,800/year, PhD -$24,000/year

The project focuses on the population dynamics of the oldest noncolonial marine animal, the ocean quahog. The project will involve developing age frequency distributions for this animal, modeling population dynamics, and examining the influence of global warming on population dynamics over the last 200 years. The successful candidate will develop a masters or dissertation project on the subject. Mentors will include Eric Powell at the University of Southern Mississippi and Roger Mann at the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences.


BS or MS degree in biology, ecology, marine science, fisheries, or related field with demonstrated competency in mathematics or statistics. Minimum academic qualifications include GRE scores in the upper 50th percentile in each category and a GPA of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 system).


Dr. Eric Powell (