A Career in Fisheries Administration

What Contributions Will a Career in Fisheries Administration Make to Society?


Credit: NOAA

If you become involved in the world of fisheries administration, you will change the world by helping to:

  • Guide species conservation;
  • Guide sport fish programs;
  • Provide direction for agency fisheries management, culture, research, and habitat programs;
  • Influence agency direction for fisheries conservation and public benefits;
  • Influence fish harvest regulations;
  • Work with other agencies to resolve regional/national fisheries issues;
  • Help maintain fishing for future generations;
  • Help maintain fish species for future generations;
  • Help maintain aquatic habitat for future generations;
  • Facilitate efforts of biologists to implement fisheries programs for public benefit;
  • Recruit and facilitate career development for biologists who will manage fisheries into the future;
  • and more!

Thanks to the American Fisheries Society Fisheries Administration Section.