Freshwater Fisheries in Canada: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on the Resources and Their Management

Chapter 7: Status and Management of Fisheries Resources in Manitoba and Saskatchewan

William G. Franzin, Christopher L. Dunn, Geoffrey M. Klein, Jeffrey M. Long, Chelsey E. Lumb, Jennifer J. Merkowsky, Matthew R. Tyree, Caleb T. Hasler, and Douglas A. Watkinson


Manitoba and Saskatchewan are situated below 60°N latitude and approximately between 90°W and 110°W longitude. The area is comprised of thousands of freshwater and saline lakes, including some of the largest inland lakes entirely within Canadian boundaries. Humans have relied on the aquatic ecosystems of the area for millennia, including for sustenance, travel, commercial fisheries, power generation, irrigation, and recreation. In this chapter, we review the status and management of fisheries in Manitoba and Saskatchewan and detail recent challenges that fisheries in the region have faced due to fisheries exploitation and environmental change.