Lessons in Leadership: Integrating Courage, Vision, and Innovation for the Future of Sustainable Fisheries

Relationships: The Game Changer for Increasing Your Leadership Potential and Achieving Success

Molly J. Good, William W. Taylor, Jim Martin, and Sara Faverman

doi: https://doi.org/10.47886/9781934874608.ch46

The most successful leaders do not lead on their own. Rather, they have learned that, by functioning with a team mindset and extending their trust in others, they can interact more effectively together in support and achievement of a unified vision or goal—the ultimate success. They know how to work with people of all types and, more than that, they know how to build and maintain relationships.

We, the authors, are each in different stages of our own professional development, yet all of us recognize the importance of the relationships—both professional and personal—we have built and continue to maintain in our own lives. Our relationships with others have enriched our lives and brought us happiness. They have also exposed us to new experiences, value systems, and perspectives, thereby increasing our capacity to establish trust in, and relate to, others. Based on lessons learned as a result of our own experiences, we offer the following insights to you on how to build relationships to build leadership in fisheries and aquatic science and management.