Advances in Understanding Landscape Influences on Freshwater Habitats and Biological Assemblages


doi: https://doi.org/10.47886/9781934874561.fmatter

Over a 2017 lunch in East Lansing, Michigan, we (Robert Hughes, Dana Infante, and Lizhu Wang) discussed the idea of a book to follow up on Landscape Influences on Stream Habitats and Biological Assemblages (2006). To broaden the content and perspectives to other continents, we invited Kai Chen (China) and Bianca de Freitas Terra (Brazil) to serve as co-editors. To further expand the material, we organized symposia for the 2018 annual meetings of the Society for Freshwater Sciences (chaired by Dana Infante and Lizhu Wang) and the American Fisheries Society (AFS; chaired by Jared Ross). The title of the new book, Advances in Understanding Landscape Influences on Freshwater Habitats and Biological Assemblages, indicated the goals of including lentic as well as lotic content and updating the earlier volume. We all felt that an updated book was timely because of the many conceptual, database, and analytical advances in our field over the past decade, the expansion of landscape-aquatic science globally, and the critical need for improved landscape-aquatic management in the Anthropocene. To ensure publication prior to the joint AFS–The Wildlife Society meeting in September 2019, the editors followed a tight schedule of manuscript submission, peer review, and author revision, resulting in rejection of three manuscripts and withdrawals of several others. Book publication or symposium travel were supported by sponsorships from the AFS Fish Habitat, Fish Management, International Fisheries, and Water Quality sections. We are also extremely grateful to Debby Lehman for copy editing and 57 diligent manuscript reviewers for improving the clarity and quality of the 21 book chapters, which incorporate landscape–freshwater science advances from four continents.