Future of Fisheries: Perspectives for Emerging Professionals

Riding with the Drivers of Change in Fisheries Science: A Holistic Approach for the Future

Devin M. Bartley, Nicole Franz, Carlos Fuentevilla, and Koji Yamamoto

doi: https://doi.org/10.47886/9781934874387.ch58

The fast pace of technological development (e.g. computers, nanotechnology, Global Positioning System, and smart phones) will provide fisheries professionals with unprecedented tools to apply to the field of fisheries science. A planet with nine billion people will put profound pressure on the world’s aquatic resources. Fishery professionals will have to deal with a wide variety of challenges and will require a variety of skills to deal with this pressure. The field of fisheries science is becoming more multidisciplinary with greater need to integrate social, political, and economic disciplines within the sector.

We provide some insight and perspective on how emerging professionals came to fisheries science and how they see their role as the sector and the world evolve. We briefly examine the present situation in the world’s fisheries and look at some drivers that will influence their future. In a world more connected than ever by technology, trade, travel, and flow of information, fisheries professionals will need to address major global issues. Perhaps the most significant issue from our point of view is ensuring that the world’s food supply from fish is produced and distributed in a sustainable and responsible manner.