Advances in Fish Tagging and Marking Technology

Viewing Complex Mark and Recapture Data in a Spatial Environment

Russell Bradford, Scott Cooper, Paavo Jumppanen, and Jason Hartog


Abstract.—Tagging studies have been a fundamental tool in fisheries science for over 100 years. During this time tags have progressed from simple markers through to sophisticated miniature computers capable of storing large amounts of data. Making sense of large amounts of spatial and temporal tagging data lends itself well to graphical interpretation. The Electronic Tag Support Systems (ETSS) team at CSIRO has developed a comprehensive visualization system to suit researcher and stakeholder (funding agencies, fishers, public) needs. Researchers are able to access and visualize the data through a proprietary (MapInfo) GIS package; stakeholders can visualize the data without the need for prior GIS knowledge through a menu-driven graphical web portal.