Conservation, Ecology, and Management of Catfish: The Second International Symposium



The first international catfish symposium, dubbed “Catfish 2000” was held in Davenport, Iowa in June 1998. Prior to “Catfish 2000,” management of catfish fisheries in North America was localized, and in many areas, catfish species were largely ignored. Organizers of the first symposium recognized that this group of fishes provided important and valuable fisheries and set out to (1) stimulate discussion relative to multijurisdictional management of catfish fisheries, (2) provide a forum for exchange of information and ideas among users and managers, (3) identify critical research and management needs, and (4) identify opportunities and challenges facing catfish fisheries in the future. Symposium organizers were successful and produced a published proceedings that has become an essential part of the catfish scientist’s library.