The Angler in the Environment: Social, Economic, Biological, and Ethical Dimensions

Introducing Marine Charter Vessel Registration and Reporting Requirements in New Zealand: Securing Charter Operators’ Support for the Improved Management of Shared Fisheries

Edwin J. Massey


Abstract.—This paper investigates the obstacles in securing New Zealand charter operators’ support for the introduction of a marine recreational charter vessel registration and reporting scheme to improve the management of shared fisheries. Currently, charter operators are reluctant to be involved because they do not trust the Ministry of Fisheries’ (MFish) use of the information generated by the registration and reporting scheme. Charter operators believe the registration and reporting scheme is based on the premise that fisheries management does not account well for their interests. However, the information generated through registration and reporting is essential to improving the relationship between MFish and charter operators, so that they can be better represented in fisheries management processes that recognize and enhance their interests. I conclude that appealing to charter operators’ economic interests is the best way to explain the benefits of the registration and reporting requirements. Using this strategy has the potential to improve charter operators’ trust in MFish, secure their support for the registration and reporting scheme, and contribute to the improved management of New Zealand’s shared fisheries.