Biology, Management, and Conservation of Lampreys in North America

Critical Uncertainties and Research Needs for the Restoration and Conservation of Native Lampreys in North America

Matthew G. Mesa and Elizabeth S. Copeland

doi: https://doi.org/10.47886/9781934874134.ch19

Abstract.—We briefly reviewed the literature, queried selected researchers, and drew upon our own experience to describe some critical uncertainties and research needs for the conservation and restoration of native lampreys in North America. We parsed the uncertainties and research needs into five general categories: (1) population status; (2) systematics; (3) passage at dams, screens, and other structures; (4) species identification in the field; and (5) general biology and ecology. For each topic, we describe why the subject is important for lampreys, briefly summarize our current state of knowledge, and discuss the key data or information gaps.