Biology and Management of Dogfish Sharks

26. The Occurrence of Spiny Dogfish in Recreational Fisheries in the United States and Implications for Stock Assessments

Gregory G. Bargmann and Patty Zielinski

doi: https://doi.org/10.47886/9781934874073.ch27

Abstract.—Spiny dogfish shark Squalus acanthias is primarily thought of as a commercial fishery resource.
Approximately 99% of the total landed harvest of dogfish from the United States is taken in commercial
fisheries. However, considerable numbers of dogfish are taken and discarded in the recreational fisheries
along both coasts; an estimated 900,000 dogfish are encountered (retained and discarded combined)
in the recreational fishery annually along both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. Along the Pacific and
Atlantic coasts, 91% and 95% of the encountered dogfish are discarded alive at sea. The mean length of
retained dogfish is 753 mm along the Pacific coast and 730 mm along the Atlantic coast. The mortality
rate of the discarded dogfish is unknown. If the rate is substantial, the impact of recreational fisheries
should be considered in the development of dogfish management plans.