Grenadiers of the World Oceans: Biology, Stock Assessment, and Fisheries

Distribution and Biology of Grenadiers off the West Coast of Canada

Ashleen J. Benson and Gordon A. McFarlane


Abstract.—This report summarizes the available information on grenadier distribution and biology off the west coast of Canada. Seven species of grenadier have been reported from British Columbia (B.C.) waters, however, only six have been captured in B.C. fisheries. There are currently no commercial fisheries targeting grenadiers in this region, but Pacific grenadier Coryphaenoides acrolepis and giant grenadier Albatrossia pectoralis are prominent bycatch species. There are no explicit management measures for grenadiers in B.C., but bycatch data are available with varying degrees of accuracy since 1965. The groundfish trawl fleet was subject to 100% observer coverage beginning in 1996. Data prior to this time therefore represent minimum catch levels. These data are included in this document for sake of completion.