Grenadiers of the World Oceans: Biology, Stock Assessment, and Fisheries

Russian Investigations and the Fishery of Roundnose Grenadier in the North Atlantic

Vladimir N. Shibanov and Vladimir I. Vinnichenko


Abstract.—Total body length of roundnose grenadier Coryphaenoides rupestris reaches 123 cm at maximum observed age of 30 years. In the Northwest Atlantic, predominating length is 50–70 cm, in the area of Mid-Atlantic Ridge and off Europe, 50–90 cm. Average length at maturity is 76 cm. Main spawning takes place in the Northeast Atlantic in summer-autumn. Mean fecundity is 30,000 eggs. Grenadier occur mainly near the bottom, but somtimes in the pelagic layer. Vertical migrations are very variable. Long distance horizontal migrations of adults have not been recorded. There is no consensus about population structure. In the Northwest Atlantic the greatest catch (83,700 t) was taken in 1971. Since then the fishery declined until it was stopped completely. On the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the maximum catch (29,900 t) was taken in 1973, after which catches decreased. In the last 15 years, in the European waters, catches increased and reached 28,900 t in 2004. In the majority of the areas the stock size is at the low level. In the Northeast Atlantic (including the Mid-Atlantic Ridge) the fishery is regulated by NEAFC by the restriction of fishing effort and closed areas. In the Northwest Atlantic, directed fishery is banned by NAFO. In the North Atlantic, in the whole fishing period, the international catch amounted to about 1,000,000 t.