Grenadiers of the World Oceans: Biology, Stock Assessment, and Fisheries

Length-Weight Relationships of Three Macrourid Fishes in the Eastern Aegean Sea, Turkey

Halit Filiz and Ertan Taskavak


Abstract.—Length–weight relationships of three macrourid fishes (saddled grenadier Coelorinchus coelorhincus (formerly known as Caelorinchus caelorhincus), glasshead grenadier Hymenocephalus italicus and bluntsnout grenadier Nezumia sclerorhynchus) from Sigacik Bay on the Turkish coast of the Aegean Sea are presented. Overall, 923 specimens of three different species of the family Macrouridae were weighed and measured. The sample size ranged from 43 for bluntsnout grenadier to 782 for saddled grenadier. The values of the exponent b in the length–weight regressions (W=aLb) varied between 2.51 (glasshead grenadier) and 3.49 (bluntsnout grenadier). Regressions of length–weight relationships were significant for all species. Positive allometry in weight vs. length for bluntsnout grenadier, isometry in saddled grenadier, and negative allometry for glasshead grenadier were observed.