Partnerships for a Common Purpose: Cooperative Fisheries Research and Management

Linking Cooperative Research and Management: Partners’ Needs and Interests

Christopher W. Glass

doi: https://doi.org/10.47886/9781888569858.ch32

Despite the plethora of recent cooperative research initiatives, cooperative research is not new. It has existed in many different forms—from single scientists making observations on individual commercial fishing vessels to larger more obvious collaborations involving multiple vessels and institutions—often without being recognized as such. However, the current, high-profile initiatives (in North America, in particular, but not exclusively so) are among the first to attempt to bring fishermen, scientists, managers, and regulators together in a meaningful and systematic manner. Such an integrated approach provides enormous potential for better and more effective management of fishery resources, but despite, and maybe even because of, the wide scope and ambition of some of these initiatives, such an approach inevitably also has inherent problems or challenges.