Benthic Habitats and the Effects of Fishing

Symposium Abstract: Promoting Environmental Awareness and Developing Conservation Harvesting Technology for the Fishing Industry

G. Brothers

doi: https://doi.org/10.47886/9781888569605.ch135

The Fisheries Diversification Program, a Canada / Newfoundland Cooperation Agreement, has four components. One of which deals with Environmental Awareness and Conservation Technology. During the past two years several projects have been carried out jointly with the fishing industry. They include; Awareness of Gillnet Environmental Impact, Cod by-catch in American Plaice Gillnets, Impact of Scallop Fishing on Lobster Habitat workshop, By-Catch of Juvenile Groundfish and Pelagic in Shrimp Trawls, American Plaice By-Catch on Cod Longlines, Size Selectivity in Yellowtail Bottom Trawls, effect of Chaffing Gear on Codend Selectivity, and Crab by-catches in Scottish Seines. The methodology used and results obtained in each of these projects will be depicted in a poster session. Results obtained during some of the projects have produced changes in the way commercial fishing is carried out and managed.