Nonindigenous Fishes Introduced into Inland Waters of the United States

Arrangement and Format of Species Accounts

doi: https://doi.org/10.47886/9781888569148.ch6

Most of the information in this report is presented in individual species accounts. Species are grouped by order and family, and the order of presentation generally follows tradition, with groups considered more primitive treated first. Family names follow Nelson (1994), except where noted. A short account of each family precedes the accounts of the fish belonging to that family. Each species account begins with the generally accepted scientific name, its author, and the year of description. It was sometimes difficult or impossible to assign a scientific name because of nonspecific identification or later taxonomic revision. In these cases, designation was made at the lowest taxonomic level possible (e.g., genus or subfamily) based on available data. Scientific names used follow the American Fisheries Society checklist (Robins et al. 1991a), Robins et al. (1991b), and published updates (e.g., Kendall 1997), unless otherwise discussed, or an alternate spelling is used in accordance with the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature. We have also attempted to correct the spelling of scientific names and dates of description based on information provided in Kendall (1997) and the species catalogues of Eschmeyer (1998) and Gilbert (1998).