Nonindigenous Fishes Introduced into Inland Waters of the United States

Summary of Reported Occurrences of Nonindigenous Fishes

doi: https://doi.org/10.47886/9781888569148.ch4

All 50 states have recorded nonindigenous fishes in their open waters (Figure 1). California (162), Florida (127), Texas (105), Colorado (106), and Nevada (93) are the top five states in terms of number of different nonindigenous fish taxa. Of the total 536 taxa, 381 (71%) are recorded as occurring or having been found within the 11 states crossing or below the 35th parallel (i.e., Hawaii, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida). In fact, 317 different taxa (59%) have been recorded from just four states; Hawaii, California, Texas, and Florida.