Fisheries Analysis and Modeling Simulator (FAMS), version 1.0


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Downloadable software (9 megs)
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Fisheries Analysis and Modeling Simulator (FAMS) is designed to simulate and evaluate the dynamics of exploited fish populations. It allows for the evaluation of minimum, slot, and inverted length limits and bag limits on exploited fisheries. Input parameters require age-structure data and uses the Jones modification of the Beverton-Holt equilibrium yield equation to compute both a yield-per-recruit and a dynamic pool model. For the dynamic pool model, the entire population is simulated over time. In addition, it helps to analyze several predicted population parameters including the number of fish harvested and dying naturally, mean weight and length of harvested fish, number in the population above and below some lengths of interest, total number of fish and biomass in the population, stock density indices, number of age-1 fish, and the Spawning Potential Ratio (SPR). It also provides the following:

• Ability to compute back-calculated lengths-at-age from measurements made from fish bony structures (otoliths, spines, etc).

• Addition of an age-length key menu item to allow users to randomly assign ages to un-aged fish based on a sub-sample of known-age fish.

• Enhanced slot limit option of the Yield-Per-Recruit model to allow users to select a length of interest. This will allow computation of the number of fish in the population reaching a particular length in addition to the number of fish reaching the lower and upper slot limits.

• Addition of more species and their associated length categories and standard weight equations based on the 3rd Edition of Fisheries Techniques.

The FAMS-Add portion of the software package is a Microsoft Excel® Add-In that contains a number of handy data analysis tools: age-length key, frequency distributions, weight-length regression, catch-curve regression, back-calculation and more. These functions are accessed via a menu item placed on the Excel menu bar.

Collectively, these functions are useful for summarizing fish sampling data, identifying outliers and simple statistics.

Compatible with Windows 95 and XP. Each copy licensed for only 1 machine.

Important: This software is not compatible with Windows 7 operating systems.

Installation instructions:
1. Each paid copy of the software is licensed to be installed on only one machine. Additional downloads must be purchased for installation on additional machines. Software is not compatible with 64 bit operating systems.
2. To install, download and open zip file.
3. Click on the “setup.exe” file to begin installation, and follow instructions.
4. User manual is included under the “Papers” folder generally installed under the directory where you choose to install the program.