AFS Guide to Fisheries Employment, 2nd Edition


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David A. Hewitt, William E. Pine, III, and Alexander V. Zale, editors

246 pages

Published by the American Fisheries Society, 2006


This updated handbook provides education, employment, career advancement, and professional development guidance to fisheries students and professionals. Includes practical advice on building undergraduate skills, designing an effective resume, and pursuing graduate studies. In 15 chapters, experienced fisheries professionals discuss fisheries careers with state and federal agencies, academia, cooperative research units, nongovernmental organizations, and private consultants. Also examines foreign employment, equal opportunity issues, things to know about assuming administrative positions, and how AFS can help individuals become fisheries professionals.

Table of Contents


1. Developing Your Knowledge, Skills, and Professionalism as an Undergraduate David W. WIllis and Churchill B. Grimes 2. Developing an Effective Resume or Curriculum Vitae Trent M. Sutton, Rebecca A. Zeiber, and Emmanuel A. Frimpong

3. Pursuing Graduate Studies in Fisheries Alexander V. Zale

4. Fisheries Employment in State Agencies Richard T. Eades

5. Fisheries Employment in the U.S. Federal Government Robert L. Simmonds, Jr. and Mary C. Fabrizio

6. Academic Positions in Fisheries Science Brian R. Murphy

7. Fisheries Employment in Cooperative Research: Where Agency Meets Academia Thomas J. Kwak and F. Joseph Margraf

8. Employment in Aquaculture Anita M. Kelly

9. Fisheries Employment in Canada Steven J. Cooke and Scott G. Hinch

10. International Fisheries Employment Richard A. Neal

11. Fisheries Employment with Nongovernmental Organizations William E. Pine, III and Kenneth M. Leber

12. Private Consulting in Fisheries Science Donald M. MacDonald, Forrest Olson, and Andrew J. Loftus

13. Advancing to a Career in Fisheres Administration Steven L. McMullin and Christopher Hunter

14. Equal Opportunities in Fisheries Employment Columbus H. Brown and Essie C. Duffie

15. The American Fisheries Society: A Framework for Professionalism Ghassan (Gus) N. Rassam

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