Population Genetics: Principles and Applications for Fisheries Scientists


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Eric Hallerman, editor

475 pages, hardcover

Published by American Fisheries Society, 2003


The principles of population genetics have important bearing on the practice of fisheries science. However, fisheries managers do not typically receive training in population genetics. This is due, in large part, to lack of course materials in population genetics relevant to fisheries science. Few fisheries students go forward with courses focusing on genetics of fruit flies, corn, or humans, and even when they do, the applications of principles to problems they will face in their careers often are unclear. The availability of a textbook for a course in fisheries genetics would make the field of population genetics relevant and accessible to students and practitioners of fisheries science. Qualified instructors too busy to develop their own course from scratch could use the book as a ready resource for teaching such a course. This book was born of a need perceived by many fisheries geneticists.

Table of Contents

List of Fish Taxa


An Overview of Classical and Molecular Genetics Eric Hallerman, Bonnie Brown, and John Epifanio

Measurement of Genetic Variation

Allozyme Variation Bernie May

Chromosomal Variation Ruth Phillips and Kent Reed

Mitochondrial DNA Neil Billington

Nuclear DNA Bonnie Brown and John Epifanio

Population Genetic Processes

Mutation Eric Hallerman and John Epifanio

Migration Anthony J. Gharrett and Lev A. Zhivotovsky

Natural Selection Eric Hallerman

Random Genetic Drift Eric Hallerman

Inbreeding Eric Hallerman

Coadaptation and Outbreeding Depression Eric Hallerman

Quantitative Genetics Eric Hallerman

Practical Applications of Population Genetics

Genetic Stock Identification and Risk Assessment James B. Shaklee and Kenneth P. Currens

Genetic Guidelines for Hatchery Supplementation Programs Loren M. Miller and Anne R. Kapuscinski

Genetic Impacts of Fish Introductions Fred Utter

Genetic Marking Eric Hallerman

Forensics Eric Hallerman

Population Viability Analysis Eric Hallerman