Northwest Atlantic Groundfish: Perspectives on a Fishery Collapse


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J. Boreman, B. S. Nakashima, J. A. Wilson, and R. L. Kendall, editors

242 pages

Published by American Fisheries Society, 1997


This book brings together fisheries scientists, social scientists, and economists for a comprehensive analysis of the northwest Atlantic groundfish fisheries and their prospects.

Northwest Atlantic Groundfish: Perspectives on a Fishery Collapse lays out the environmental context of the fisheries, provides an overview of the stocks and their exploitation, and closely examines the reasons for catastrophic fishery declines. The volume also explores management options that might be used to sustain rehabilitated stocks. Options range from modification of traditional government-dominated management to industry ownership of fisheries.

In addition, the effects of ecosystem-based management and conservation reserves, changes in fishing gear design and operation, and more rigorous systems of decision making and fishery monitoring are discussed. This new book is full of ideas that are scientifically strong but written for nonscientists.

Table of Contents

Part I – The Once and Present Fishery

Chapter 1: Climate and Oceanography K. F. Drinkwater and D. B. Mountain

Chapter 2: Groundfish Stocks and the Fishing Industry S. A. Murawski, J.-J. Maguire, R. K. Mayo, and F. M. Serchuk

Chapter 3: Why Have Groundfish Stocks Declined? A. F. Sinclair and S. A. Murawski

Chapter 4: Policy Frameworks R. G. Halliday and A. T. Pinhorn

Chapter 5: Role of Local Institutions in Groundfish Policy M. Hall-Arber and A. C. Finlayson

Part II – Management Considerations for Rehabilitated Stocks

Chapter 6: Single-Species and Multispecies Management B. J. Rothschild, A. F. Sharov, and M. Lambert

Chapter 7: Ecosystem-Based Management R. W. Langton and R. L. Haedrich

Chapter 8: Fishery Reserves P. J. Auster and N. L. Shackell

Chapter 9: Fishing Gear Management J. T. DeAlteris and D. L. Morse

Chapter 10: User Rights R. E. Townsend and A. T. Charles

Chapter 11: Comanagement L. Felt, B. Neis, and B. McCay

Chapter 12: Corporate Rights R. E. Townsend

Chapter 13: Decision Analysis D. E. Lane and R. L. Stephenson