Carp in North America


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E. L. Cooper, editor

84 pages; color photographs

Published by American Fisheries Society, 1987


This publication is designed to deflect negative opinions of many anglers, and even many fishery biologists, toward a fish that should be thought of as an important fishery resource in North America. The carp is one of North America’s most widely distributed and underutilized fishery resources which deserves an enlightened consideration by anglers as an important fishery asset.

Readers will learn about the carp’s global distribution; how carp are perceived throughout Asia and Europe; when, why, and how carp were introduced to North America; the biology and behavior that enable carp to adapt to an extremely wide variety of habitats can conditions; how to angle for carp; existing and potential commercial fisheries for carp; the superb variety of ways to prepare and cook carp; how carp are being utilized today in North America; and how the negative image of carp can be modified.

This book includes:

* biology, * commercial and sport fisheries, * angling tips, * catch records, * tournaments, * preparation for the table, and * recipes.

This book is intended for:

* skeptics, and * fish lovers everywhere!

Table of Contents

Preface Bruce Shupp

Biology and Ecology of Carp Frank M. Panek

Commercial Fishing for Carp Arnold W. Fritz

Sport Fishing for Carp Ronald J. Spitler

Eating Carp Vern Hacker

Promoting Carp Tommy L. Sheddan