Trout and Salmon of the Genus Salmo


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Johannes Schöffmann
303 pages, paper
ISBN-13: 978-1-934874-63-9
Published November 2021



This book is renowned in the literature on salmonids. It is the culmination of the life’s work of Johannes Schöffmann, a veritable explorer of the natural world, considered by the late Robert Behnke to be the “world’s authority on Brown Trout and their relatives.” The work is encyclopedic but accessible and well organized, introducing readers to the general evolutionary history, conser­vation status, and biological diversity of the native trouts and salmon of the Salmo genus, along with more detailed descriptions of the myriad of forms and subspecies spanning its entire native range from Europe, East Asia, and North Africa.

The book has something for every­one, whether as a standard reference book for students and researchers or as a guide to one of the world’s most popular fish for amateur anglers or natural history enthusiasts. The book contains nearly 200 original images taken by the author of native trout and their habitats, along with accompanying maps and figures.

This is a seminal work and a must-have for the shelf of any trout enthusiast, academic and nonacademic alike.


Johannes: Foreword by James Prosek
Herr Schöffmann, I Presume: Foreword by John Zablocki

1. Introduction
2. Phylogeny
3. Origins and Geographic Distribution
4. Postglacial Colonization of Northern Europe
5. The Atlantic Salmon
5.1. Anadrmous Salmon
5.2. River Resident Salmon
6. Trouts: Geographic Regions
6.1. Fenno-Scandinavia and Northeastern Europe
6.2. Iceland
6.3. Faroe Islands
6.4. British Isles
6.5. Atlantic Basin of Central Europe
6.6. Iberian Peninsula
6.7. North Africa
6.8. Mediterranean Basin of France
6.9. Corsica
6.10. Sardinia
6.11. Sicily
6.12. Italian Peninsula and Northern Adriatic Basin
6.13. Adriatic Basin of the Balkan Peninsula
6.14. Aegean Basin of the Balkan Peninsula
6.15. Ionian Basin of the Balkan Peninsula
6.16. Danube Basin and Northern Black Sea Basin
6.17. Anatolia
6.18. Caucasus and Northern Caspian Basin
6.19. Iran
6.20. Central Asia
7. Genetic Diversity and Stocking
8. The European Trout as Nonnative Species
8.1. Australia and Oceania
8.2. New Zealand
8.3. South Asia
8.4. Central Asia and Siberia
8.5. Japan
8.6. North America
8.7. South America
8.8. Africa and Subarctic Islands
8.9. Cyprus
8.10. Medeira and Azores Islands
9. Epilogue
10. References

Appendix 1: Trout Names
Appendix 2: Registry of Taxonomic Nomenclature



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