Sediment in Streams


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T. F. Waters, editor

251 pages

Published by American Fisheries Society, 1995

Monograph 7


Anthropogenic sediment chiefly from agriculture but also from forestry, mining, and urban development is the most serious pollutant of streams today. The book combines an applied fisheries viewpoint with a basic perspective of biotic integrity to show how stream communities are damaged by this ubiquitous contaminant. The human sources and biological effects of suspended and deposited sediment are thoroughly reviewed. So too are the methods of controlling sedimentation by preventing or detaining erosion and the means of removing excess sediment from streams when control is unsuccessful.

This book is intended for:

* fish biologists
* fisheries managers
* students of biomonitoring

Table of Contents:

Common and Scientific Names of Fish Species

Conversion Factors for Units Used in this Volume


Physical Characteristics of Stream Sediment

Sources of Sediment

Effects of Suspended Sediment

Effects of Deposited Sediment on Benthic Invertebrates

Effects of Sediment on Fish

Control of Sediment