Symposium on Small Hydropower and Fisheries


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F. W. Olson et al., editors

497 pages Published by American Fisheries Society Publication date: 1985


Proceedings of a symposium held in May 1985 at Aurora, Colorado, dealing with issues associated with hydro development, including regional differences, assessment techniques, case studies, cumulative impacts, economics, policy, and conflict resolutions.

Table of Contents



Small Hydropower and Fisheries: An Overview of the Symposium H. A. Tanner and G. Hickman

An Overview of FERC’s Small Hydropower Licensing Program R. J. O’Connor

Small Hydropower Development and Fisheries Protection: Problems, Policies, and Proposals for Reform P. W. Brown

Effects of Small Hydropower Development on Fisheries P. J. Graham

Small Hydropower Development: A Developer’s Perspective L. H. Freeman

FERC and the Fish F. L. Bodi


Aquatic Ecosystem Response to Flow Modification: An Overview of the Issues M. J. Sale

A Logistic Regression Approach for Developing Suitability-of-Use Functions for Fish Habitat J. Thielke

Seasonal and Diurnal Shifts in Habitat Utilized by Resident Rainbow Trout in Western Washington Cascade Mountain Streams R. F. Campbell and J. H. Neuner

Laboratory Tests to Assess Water-Level Fluctuations at Vernita Bar, Washington D. A. Neitzel, C. D. Becker, and C. S. Abernathy

The Influence of Water Temperature and Streamflow on Sockeye Salmon Fry Emergence and Migration in Black Bear Creek, Southeastern Alaska A. Milner

Impacts of Stream Discharge on Trout Rearing Habitat and Trout Recruitment in the South Platte River, Colorado R. M. Anderson and R. B. Nehring

Comparison of the Rainbow Trout Fishery in Response to Reduced High Winter-Spring Streamflows in a Northern California Stream M. H. Henry and G. D. Sarto


Regional and Agency Perspectives on Small Hydro Power Development: An Overview of the Issues Y. Weber

National Survey of State Concerns with Small Hydropower and Fisheries J. D. Sheppard

The Regulatory Process in Oregon: A Case History of the Lava Diversion Hydropower Project, Deschutes River R. E. Craven and C. J. Campbell

Forest Service Involvement in Hydroelectric Development T. A. Schmidt

Small-Scale Hydropower and Fish and Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest: The Oregon Experience M. S. Yoshinaka

An Approach to Developing Hydropower Policy in Minnesota P. L. Olson

Proposed Hydropower Development on the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, Targhee National Forest: A Case Study P. R. Oakes


Benefits and Trade-Offs of Small Hydropower Developments: An Overview of the Issues D. R. Conrad and R. W. Olson

Dissolved Oxygen and Sediment Contaminant Considerations in Refurbishment of Defunct Hydropower Sites: A Case Study on the Kalamazoo River, Michigan T. J. Miller, W. S. Creal, and J. D. Suppnick

“Need” for Small Hydro in an Environmental Context: Three Case Studies D. C. Campbell

The Equity of Distribution of Costs and Benefits in New England Anadromous Fish Programs A. L. Warner

The Allocation of Costs and Distribution of Benefits: Offsite Mitigation on the Yakima River, Washington J. Mentor, Jr.

Quantifying the Economic Effects of Hydropower Development on Recreational Fisheries: A Case Study in Idaho J. Loomis, D. Donnelly, and C. Sorg

Sportfishing Changes Related to Hydropower Generation and Non-Generation in the Tailwater of Keystone Reservoir, Oklahoma K. Hamilton, D. L. Combs, and J. C. Randolph

The Lowell Hydroelectric Project: A Case Study in Balancing Fish Passage Requirements, Historic Preservation Interests, and Project Economics C. H. Cunningham

Hydropower Development at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Flood Control Dams: An Evaluation of Key Water Release and Reservoir Pool Issues K. Young, K. Krishnan, and F. Pelton


Evolution and Application of Instream Flow Methodologies to Small Hydropower Development: An Overview of the Issues F. W. Trihey and C. Stalnaker

Application of Historical Channel Stability Analysis to Instream Flow Studies G. M. Kondolf and M. J. Sale

A Simple Method of Determining Fish Maintenance Flows Downstream of Existing New England Hydro Facilities P. W. Spear

Use of Empirically Derived Habitat Suitability Curves to Determine Potential Impacts of a Small Hydropower Development W. C. Layher

Hydraulic Characteristics of Steep Mountain Streams During Low and High Flow Conditions, and Implications for Fishery Habitat J. H. Humphrey, R. C. Hunn, and G. B. Shea

An Empirical Approach for Evaluating Microhabitat Response to Streamflow in Steep-Gradient, Large Bed-Element Streams E. W. Trihey and J. F. Baldridge

Case Study: Determining Instream Flow Requirements for the Arbuckle Mountain Hydroelectric Project R. C. Hunn

A Habitat Optimization Model to Derive Water Management Hydrographs for Fishes C. R. Steward and Q. J. Stober

Evaluation of the Effects of Hydropeaking on Aquatic Macroinvertebrates Using PHABSIM K. D. Bovee


Fish Migration at Small Hydropower Developments: an Overview of the Issues B. Rizzo

Hydroacoustic Studies of Downstream Migrating Salmonids at Hydropower Dams: Two Case Studies G. A. Raemhild, R. Nason, and S. Hays

Passage of American Shad in an Ice Harbor Style Fish Ladder after Flow Pattern Modifications S. G. Rideout, L. M. Thorpe, and L. M. Cameron

Research Needs for Fish Protection at Small-Scale Hydroelectric Installations J. S. Kidder

Considerations in the Design of Juvenile Bypass Systems W. S. Rainey

Seasonal Occurrence and Abundance of Salmonid Fishes in the Ludington Pumped Storage Reservoir on Lake Michigan C. R. Liston, D. C. Brazo, J. Z. Reynolds, and J. A. Gulvas

Assessing and Improving Fish Guiding Efficiency of Submersible Traveling Screens A. A. Fiuzat, C. E. Sweeney, and W. W. Long


Policy Questions Related to Small Hydropower Development: An Overview of the Issues J. A. Folk-Williams

Policy Questions Related to Small Hydropower Development: Overview Comments W. J. Finnegan

Indian Resources and Hydropower Development R. A. Du Bey and T. P. Schlosser

Jurisdictional Disputes in the Simplification of Small-Scale Hydropower Regulation J. I. Feil

Case Study: One State’s Response to FERC’s Requirement for 401 Water Quality Certification M. J. Russo

The Maine Rivers Policy M. Sullivan and R. A. Giffen

Hydropower and Instream Flow Needs: Minnesota Policies and Issues H. D. Rieke

Instream Water Rights: Impact on Small Hydroelectric Plants K. R. Wright and R. M. Wright

Regulation of Hydropower Development in the Northwest after Passage of the Regional Power Act: Who Controls the Waters? M. B. Rundle


Cumulative Impacts of Small Hydropower Developments: An Overview of the Issues P. J. Paquet and G. W. Witmer

Perspectives on Analyzing Impacts Related to Multiple Hydroelectric Development T. R. Russo

Cumulative Impacts and Comprehensive Planning: A Problem of Synergism and a Policy Dilemma J. Mentor, Jr.

Cumulative Impacts of Hydropower Development under the National Environmental Policy Act: the Requirement of a Basin-Wide Approach D. K. Eckberg

An Approach for Assessing the Impacts on Fisheries of Basin-Wide Hydropower Development G. F. Cada and R. B. McLean

A Practical Approach to Cumulative Impact Assessment D. J. Stout

An Evaluation of the Potential Cumulative Bioeconomic Impacts of Proposed Small-Scale Hydro Development on the Fisheries of the Swan River Drainage, Montana S. A. Leathe, M. D. Enk, and P. J. Graham


Siting and Design Considerations in Planning Small Hydropower Developments: An Overview of the Issues G. J. Eicher

Use of Multiple Unequally-Sized Turbines to Reduce Flow Fluctuations Below Hydroelectric Dams M. L. Bowman and S. B. Weisberg

Sediment Transport, Instream Flows, and the Small Hydro Project R. T. Milhous

New Hydroturbine Design for Improved Water Quality and Reduced Fish Mortality D. T. Kao

Background and Assessment of a Berm/Fish Passageway Designed to Facilitate Upstream Migration Past a Tailrace Area T. M. Schadt, R. G. Metzgar, R. E. Carman, and J. H. Neuner

Appropriate Uses of Sediment Source Tracing in Habitat Assessments of Mountain Streams B. Hecht

A Technique for Assessing Upstream Fish Passage Problems at Small-Scale Hydropower Developments D. W. Reiser and R. T. Peacock

Morris Hydroelectric Development Tailrace Spawning Canal A. W. Greeley


Conflict Resolution: An Overview of the Issues B. L. Lamb

A Perspective on Conflict Resolution W. L. Mills

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation in the Licensing Process L. J. Wilds and B. L. Lamb

Problem Solving through Strategic Cooperation M. M. Reis

Conflict Resolution in Small-Scale Hydroelectric Development: The Effects of Preservationist Values, Technical Information, and Knowledge Holding D. L. Soden, N. P. Povrich, Jr., and J. C. Pierce

Obtaining Fishery Flows in New Mexico: A Case Study B. L. Hanson

Conflict Resolution in Small Hydropower/Fisheries Disputes V. C. Huser


Attempts at preventing fish mortality at a large pump storage facility M. J. Bronoski and J. R. Taylor

The application of dual-beam acoustic survey techniques for fish population estimation in lakes J. J. Burczynski and W. A. Karp

Predicted impacts of dam construction on the fishes of the Senegal River, West Africa D. Dorfman

Fisheries concerns at small hydropower facilities in four regions of the USA D. B. Pott, J. W. Meldrim, and J. J. Pizzimenti

A method for evaluating distribution of plant species on floodplains of headwater streams R. J. Risser and R. R. Harris

Fish community evaluation in a new reservoir in southern Spain C. Granado-Lorencio and F. Garcia-Novo

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