Aquaculture in the 21st Century


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Anita M. Kelly and Jeffrey Silverstein, editors

643 pages

Published by American Fisheries Society, January 2006


Symposium 46

Aquaculture in the 21st Century is the second volume in the Manual of Fish Culture series. This volume provides the detail and utility for the culture of aquatic organisms that made the first volume indispensable to culturists. Additionally, historical and background material are provided for each of the 26 species covered, which makes this book useful to those more generally interested in aquaculture and the development of aquaculture. The extent of the material provided makes it not only a valuable reference tool, but an excellent resource for aquaculture courses.

As aquaculture continues to expand rapidly into the marine environment, this book has included many marine species that are relative newcomers to the aquaculture stage. Additionally, groups that have come to support large aquaculture industries such as catfish and hybrid striped bass that were not covered in the first volume are covered here.

Table of Contents

Preface Reviewers Symbols and Abbreviations

Abalone Culture Maria Teresa Viana

Cultivation of the Bay Scallop Dale F. Leavitt and Richard C. Karney

Giant Clam Kai Lee Awaya and Cheng-Sheng Lee

A Guide for Culturing Queen Conch Megan Davis and Amber L. Shawl

Marine Ornamental Shrimp Junda Lin

Crawfish Culture in Forage-Based Production Systems W. Ray McClain

Management Practices for Production of the Red Swamp Crayfish in Earthen Ponds without Planted Forage Louis R. D’Abramo and Cortney L. Ohs

Sea Urchin Aquaculture Susan C. McBride

Production of Turtle Hatchlings C. Greg Lutz

Alligator Aquaculture Michael P. Masser

Paddlefish Steven D. Mims and William L. Shelton

Channel Catfish Culture Anita M. Kelly

Barramundi Culture John W. Tucker, Jr., D. John Russell, and Michael A. Rimmer

Snook Culture John W. Tucker, Jr.

Grouper Culture John W. Tucker, Jr.

Striped Bass and Hybrid Striped Bass Culture L. Curry Woods, III

Culture and Propagation of Sunfish and Their Hybrids Joseph E. Morris, Charles C. Mischke, and Ryan L. Lane

The Culture of Walleye Robert C. Summerfelt

Aquaculture of Lingcod Michael B. Rust, Kenneth C. Massee, Paul Plesha, Thomas M. Scott, Neil Ashton, Lyle Britt, Matthew A. Cook, Kate Guthrie, Rod Campbell, and Eric Kroeger

Advances in the Culture of Striped Mullet Clyde S. Tamaru, Christine C.-T. Tamaru, William J. Fitzgerald, Jr., Harry Ako, and Vernon T. Sato

Red Drum Aquaculture G. Joan Holt

Cobia Aquaculture Jeffrey B. Kaiser and G. Joan Holt

Atlantic and Pacific Halibut Robert R. Stickney

Aquaculture of Three Species of Yellowtail Jacks Daniel D. Benetti, Makota Nakada, Stephen Shotton, Carolyn Poortenaar, Patrick L. Tracy, and Wayne Hutchinson

Status of Artificial Propogation of Mutton, Yellowtail, and Red Snapper (family Lutjanidae) in the Southeastern United States Wade O. Watanabe, Daniel D. Benetti, Michael W. Feeley, D. Allen Davis, and Ronald P. Phelps

Aquaculture of Colossoma macropomum and Related Species in Latin America Luis Campos-Baca and Christopher C. Kohler

Tilapia Culture Kevin Fitzsimmons

White Sucker Culture Gerald M. Ludwig

Baitfish Culture Nathan Stone, Andy Goodwin, Rebecca Lochmann, Harold Phillips, Carole Engle, and Hugh Thomforde