Amendment of AFS Unit Bylaws

Guidelines for Amendment of American Fisheries Society Unit Bylaws

Credit: American Fisheries Society

Checklist for Amendment of American Fisheries Society Unit Bylaws

1.   Seek guidance on the process.

Contact the Society’s Constitutional Consultant, Randy Schultz ([email protected] or 515-725-8447), as early in the process as possible to make sure the necessary steps for amending unit bylaws are understood. The Constitutional Consultant can provide example bylaws to help facilitate the approval process.

2. Amend bylaws and submit them to the Constitutional Consultant.

Prepare amended bylaws following the recommended Society format to ensure conformance with the Society’s Constitution, Rules, and Procedures. The Constitutional Consultant will work with you to make the necessary edits.

3. Present amended bylaws to either the local Chapter or Division (except for Sections).

Although a vote of approval is not needed by anyone other than the Management Committee, concerns of the local Chapter or Division should be addressed. This step therefore involves informing others within the hierarchy of the Society. For example, Student Subunits will want to inform their local Chapter of bylaw amendments, and Chapters will want to inform their respective Division.

4. Present amended bylaws to the Unit membership for approval.

Following the procedures outlined for your unit, present the amended bylaws to the unit for membership for approval. Typically, 2/3 majority approval is required before bylaws can be changed.

5. Send copy of final amended bylaws and decision of unit membership to the Constitutional Consultant.

The amended bylaws will be brought before the AFS Management Committee for approval by the Constitutional Consultant.

6. Wait for Management Committee review and Executive Director notification.

The amended bylaws will take effect after receiving written notice from the Society’s Executive Director.