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Handle with Care: Establishing Catch Limits for Fish Stocks Experiencing Episodic Natural Mortality Events
Conservation of Black Bass Diversity: An Emerging Management Paradigm
Differences in Mercury Exposure among Wisconsin Anglers Arising from Fish Consumption Preferences and Advisory Awareness
Social Media for Fisheries Science and Management Professionals: How to Use It and Why You Should
Introduction to Bayesian Modeling and Inference for Fisheries Scientists
The Failure of Wild Salmon Management: Need for a Place-Based Conceptual Foundation
Reeling Them In: Initial Insight into the Factors Affecting Presentation Attendance at American Fisheries Society Meetings
Delta Smelt and Water Politics in California
Will Alaska’s Fisheries Regime Prove Resilient? Kenai River Fishery Management as a Model for Adaptive Governance
Why Keep Hatcheries? Weighing the Economic Cost and Value of Fish Production for Public Use and Public Trust Purposes
Historical Perspectives and a New U.S. Forest Service Strategy for Fish and Aquatic Stewardship
An Overview of Pacific Salmon
Commercial Fisheries of the Upper Mississippi River: A Century of Sustained Harvest
Embracing Disruptive New Science? Biotelemetry Meets Co-Management in Canada’s Fraser River
Perspectives on the Application of Unmanned Aircraft for Freshwater Fisheries Census
Does River Restoration Increase Fish Abundance and Survival or Concentrate Fish? The Effects of Project Scale, Location, and Fish Life History
PITR: A New Open Source R Package for PIT Telemetry Data
“Asian Carp” is Societally and Scientifically Problematic. Let’s Replace It
A Portfolio Framework for Prioritizing Conservation Efforts for Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Populations
Improved Conventional PCR Assay for Detecting Tetracapsuloides bryosalmonae DNA in Fish Tissues
Vibriosis in Fish: A Review on Disease Development and Prevention
Distribution and Prevalence of Myxobolus cerebralis in Postfire Areas of Plumas National Forest: Utility of Environmental DNA Sampling
Retail Baitfish in Michigan Harbor Serious Fish Viral Pathogens
Concurrent Infection of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis and Ranavirus among Native Amphibians from Northeastern Oklahoma, USA
Swimming Endurance in Juvenile Chinook Salmon Infected with Salmincola californiensis
Humoral Immune Responses to Select Marine Bacteria in Loggerhead Sea Turtles Caretta caretta and Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtles Lepidochelys kempii from the Southeastern United States
Histological Alterations in Pacific Oysters Crassostrea gigas that Survived a Summer Mortality Event in Baja California, Mexico
High-Prevalence and Low-Intensity Ichthyophonus Infections in Pacific Halibut
Efficacy of Benzocaine, Eugenol, and Menthol as Anesthetics for Freshwater Angelfish
Risk Factors Associated with Mortality of Age-0 Smallmouth Bass in the Susquehanna River Basin, Pennsylvania
Survival of Whirling-Disease-Resistant Rainbow Trout Fry in the Wild: A Comparison of Two Strains
Toxicity of Potassium Chloride Compared to Sodium Chloride for Zebra Mussel Decontamination
Dietary Onion or Ginger Modulates the Stress Response and Susceptibility to Vibrio harveyi JML1 Infection in Brown-marbled Grouper Epinephelus fuscoguttatus Juveniles
First Report of Achlya oblongata Infection in Freshwater-Reared Asian Seabass Lates calcarifer
Comparison of Sampling and Detection Methods for Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Naturally Infected with Myxobolus cerebralis
Identification of Differentially Regulated Edwardsiella ictaluri Proteins During Catfish Serum Treatment
Thiamine Levels in Muscle and Eggs of Adult Pacific Salmon from the Fraser River, British Columbia
Differential Effects of Adult Salmon Lice Lepeophtheirus salmonis on Physiological Responses of Sockeye Salmon and Atlantic Salmon
Infection by Nanophyetus salmincola and Toxic Contaminant Exposure in Out-migrating Steelhead from Puget Sound, Washington: Implications for Early Marine Survival
Establishing a Diagnostic Technique for Coelomocentesis in the Long-Spined Sea Urchin Diadema antillarum
Evaluation of Poultry By-Product Meal as an Alternative to Fish Meal in the Diet of Juvenile Black Sea Bass Reared in a Recirculating Aquaculture System
Tolerance of Prenant’s Schizothoracin Schizothorax prenanti to Total Dissolved Gas Supersaturated Water at Varying Temperature
*Thoughts for the Future of Aquaculture Nutrition: Realigning Perspectives to Reflect Contemporary Issues Related to Judicious Use of Marine Resources in Aquafeeds
Evaluation of Porcine Meat and Bone Meal in Diets for Pond-Raised Hybrid Catfish
Evaluation of Formulated Feed for Juvenile Lake Sturgeon Based on Growth Performance and Nutrient Retention
Potential Enhancement of Juvenile Mussel Production with Exogenous Cortisol Treatment of Fish Hosts
*Novel Feed from Invasive Species is Beneficial to Walleye Aquaculture
Demonstration of Survival, Growth, and Reproduction of Gulf Killifish in Freshwater Ponds
Assessing Natural Substrates for Restricting Movement of California Sea Cucumbers Parastichopus californicus
Earthy and Musty Off-Flavor Episodes in Catfish Split-Pond Aquaculture Systems
Enrichment of Circular Tanks with Vertically Suspended Strings of Colored Balls Improves Rainbow Trout Rearing Performance
An Evaluation of Vertically Suspended Environmental Enrichment Structures during Rainbow Trout Rearing
Yellow Perch Sperm Motility, Cryopreservation, and Viability of Resulting Larvae and Juveniles
Inducing Subacute Enteritis in Yellowtail Kingfish Seriola lalandi: the Effect of Dietary Inclusion of Soybean Meal and Grape Seed Extract on Hindgut Morphology and Inflammation
Optimizing Feeding Strategies for Yellowtail Jack at Winter Water Temperatures
Evaluation of Snail Consumption by Black Buffalo
Addition of Emulsifiers to Hydrogenated Soybean Oil-Based Feeds for Yellowtail
Effects of Temperature and Salinity on Early Ontogeny of Bigmouth Sleeper Larvae
Effect of Water Source and Trout Strain on Expression of Stress-Affected Genes in a Commercial Setting
Survival of Pellet-Reared, Naturalized, and Wild Advanced-Size Largemouth Bass Exposed to Angling and Handling Stressors
Arachidonic Acid in the Diet of Captive Yellowtail and Its Effects on Egg Quality
Evaluation of Three Electrical Outputs in an Electro-Immobilization System to Reduce Induction Time during Routine Handling of Fish at a Hatchery
Evaluation of Dietary Protein Level in Practical Feed for Twoband Bream Diplodus vulgaris
Effects of Aquaculture on Lakes in the Central Yangtze River Basin, China, I. Water Quality
*A Review of Beaver-Salmonid Relationships and History of Management Actions in the Western Great Lakes (USA) Region
A Rapid-Assessment Method to Estimate the Distribution of Juvenile Chinook Salmon in Tributary Habitats Using eDNA and Occupancy Estimation
Genetic Assignment of Brook Trout Reveals Rapid Success of Culvert Restoration in Headwater Streams
Evaluating the Effect of Dam Removals on Yellow-Phase American Eel Abundance in a Northeastern U.S. Watershed
Genetic Divergence of Nearby Walleye Spawning Groups in Central Lake Erie: Implications for Management
The Importance of Sound Methodology in Environmental DNA Sampling: Response to Comment
A Review of Approaches for Monitoring the Effectiveness of Regional River Habitat Restoration Programs
Predicted and Observed Responses of a Nonnative Channel Catfish Population Following Managed Removal to Aid the Recovery of Endangered Fishes
*Understanding Resource-Conserving Behaviors Among Fishers: Barotrauma Mitigation and the Power of Subjective Norms in Florida’s Reef Fisheries
Fish Distributions and Habitat Associations in Manistee River, Michigan, Tributaries: Implications for Arctic Grayling Restoration
The Postrelease Survival of Walleyes Following Ice-Angling on Lake Nipissing, Ontario
Characterizing the Preferences and Values of U.S. Recreational Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Anglers
Evidence of a Genetically Distinct Population of Striped Bass within the Saint John River, New Brunswick, Canada
Snorkeling-Based Fish Stock Assessment by Anglers-A Valuable Method for Managing Recreational Fisheries
Population Viability Improves Following Termination of Coho Salmon Hatchery Releases
Comment: The Importance of Sound Methodology in Environmental DNA Sampling
*Quantifying Uncertainty in Aquatic Telemetry: Using Received Signal Strength to Estimate Telemetry Error
Working Towards a Framework for Stock Evaluations in Data-Limited Fisheries
Survival of Juvenile Fall-Run Chinook Salmon through the San Joaquin River Delta, California, 2010-2015
Review of Tools for Identifying, Planning, and Implementing Habitat Restoration for Pacific Salmon and Steelhead
Prespawn Mortality of Female Chinook Salmon Increases with Water Temperature and Percent Hatchery Origin
Impacts and Implications of Temperature Variability on Chinook Salmon Egg Development and Emergence Phenology
Lake Sturgeon, Lake Whitefish, and Walleye Egg Deposition Patterns with Response to Fish Spawning Substrate Restoration in the St. Clair-Detroit River System
Effects of Extreme Hydrologic Regimes on Juvenile Chinook Salmon Prey Resources and Diet Composition in a Large River Floodplain
*Phenological Diversity of Salmon Smolt Migration Timing within a Large Watershed
Factors Regulating Year-Class Strength of Silver Carp Throughout the Mississippi River Basin
Global Warming of Salmon and Trout Rivers in the Northwestern U.S.: Road to Ruin or Path Through Purgatory?
*Survival and Reproductive Success of Hatchery YY Male Brook Trout Stocked in Idaho Streams
Mercury and Selenium in Twelve Cutthroat Trout Tissues from High-Elevation Colorado Lakes, USA: Intraspecific and Interspecific Comparisons
Egg Viability and Egg-to-Fry Survival of Captive-Reared Chinook Salmon Released to Spawn Naturally
*Estimating the Annual Spawning Run Size and Population Size of the Southern Distinct Population Segment of Green Sturgeon
Movement and Survival of Wild Chinook Salmon Smolts from Butte Creek During Their Out-Migration to the Ocean: Comparison of a Dry Year versus a Wet Year
*Integrated Diet Analyses Reveal Contrasting Trophic Niches for Wild and Hatchery Juvenile Chinook Salmon in a Large River Delta
Dam Removal and Fish Passage Improvement Influence Fish Assemblages in the Penobscot River, Maine
*Short-Term Pain and Long-Term Gain: Using Phased-In Minimum Size Limits to Rebuild Stocks-the Pacific Bluefin Tuna Example
A Natural-Origin Steelhead Population’s Response to Exclusion of Hatchery Fish
Nonsalmonid versus Salmonid Passage at Nature-Like and Pool-and-Weir Fishways in Atlantic Canada, with Special Attention to Rainbow Smelt
Long-Term Change of Fish Communities in a Polluted Watershed: Does Cleaner Water “Act” on Fishes?
Size, Growth, and Size-Selective Mortality of Subyearling Chinook Salmon during Early Marine Residence in Puget Sound
Fall and Winter Microhabitat Use and Suitability for Spring Chinook Salmon Parr in a U.S. Pacific Northwest River
Individual-Based Modeling of Delta Smelt Population Dynamics in the Upper San Francisco Estuary III. Effects of Entrainment Mortality and Changes in Prey
*Evaluating the Trade-Offs between Invasion and Isolation for Native Brook Trout and Nonnative Brown Trout in Pennsylvania Streams
*Habitat-Specific Reproductive Potential of Red Snapper: A Comparison of Artificial and Natural Reefs in the Western Gulf of Mexico
Effects of Flow-Related Variables on Oversummer Survival of Juvenile Coho Salmon in Intermittent Streams
Assisting Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management Efforts Using a Comprehensive Survey Database, a Large Environmental Database, and Generalized Additive Models
Interspecific Interactions May Influence Reef Fish Management Strategies in the Gulf of Mexico
Dietary Composition and Trophic Niche Partitioning of Spotty-bellied Greenlings Hexagrammos agrammus, Fat Greenlings H. otakii, Korean Rockfish Sebastes schlegelii, and Japanese Seaperch Lateolabrax japonicus in the Yellow Sea Revealed by Stomach Content Analysis and Stable Isotope Analysis
Changes in the Biological Characteristics of Walleye Pollock Related to Demographic Changes in the East Sea During the Late 20th Century
Illuminating the Headrope of a Selective Flatfish Trawl: Effect on Catches of Groundfishes, Including Pacific Halibut
Effect of Bait Type and Bait Size on Catch Efficiency in the European Hake Merluccius merluccius Longline Fishery
Size, Age, and Spatial-Temporal Distribution of Shortfin Mako in the Mexican Pacific Ocean
Descender Devices are Promising Tools for Increasing Survival in Deepwater Groupers
Assessing Indices of Growth for Field Studies of Juvenile Salmon: An Experiment and Synthesis
Efficacy of Otoliths and First Dorsal Spines for Preliminary Age and Growth Determination in Atlantic Tripletails
Comparative Performance of Three Length-Based Mortality Estimators
Occurrences of Jellyfish in the Industrial Fishing Activity of the Southeastern and Southern Regions of Brazil
Fishermen’s Historical Knowledge Leads to a Re-Evaluation of Redfish Catch
A Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling Approach for the Habitat Distribution of Smooth Dogfish by Sex and Season in Inshore Coastal Waters of the U.S. Northwest Atlantic
*Numbers and Biomass of Natural- and Hatchery-Origin Pink Salmon, Chum Salmon, and Sockeye Salmon in the North Pacific Ocean, 1925-2015
Small-Scale Fisheries at an Albanian Marine Protected Area: A Collaborative Attitude is Associated with Higher Catches
Striped Bass and Atlantic Menhaden Predator-Prey Dynamics: Model Choice Makes the Difference
Eelgrass as Valuable Nearshore Foraging Habitat for Juvenile Pacific Salmon in the Early Marine Period
*Comparative Abundance, Species Composition, and Demographics of Continental Shelf Fish Assemblages throughout the Gulf of Mexico
Juvenile Chinook Salmon and Forage Fish Use of Eelgrass Habitats in a Diked and Channelized Puget Sound River Delta
Spatial, Temporal, and Biological Characteristics of a Nearshore Coral Reef Fishery in the Northern Mariana Islands
Environmental Drivers of Adult Atlantic Sturgeon Movement and Residency in the Delaware Bay
Catch Trend and Stock Assessment of Hilsa Tenualosa ilisha Using Digital Image Measured Length-Frequency Data
Consumer-Driven Depletion of the Northern Diamondback Terrapin in Chesapeake Bay
American Eel Fecundity and Ovary Maturation in Relation to Body Size and Geographic Distribution