Professional Development Subcommittee

The Professional Development Subcommittee of the Board of Professional Certification approves or rejects applications for professional certification and works with the Coordinator of Unit Services to review Professional Development requests (both for certification and renewal). It is their obligation to be fair and objective and to maintain the integrity of the process. They also strive to complete reviews in a timely manner.

The Professional Development Subcommittee has at least one member from each Division, and has at least one faculty member from a college or university, one employee from a government agency, and one from the private sector.

2017-2018 Professional Development Subcommittee


Northeastern Division Representative

Gabe Gries
New Hampshire Fish and Game Department
Region 4
Keene, New Hampshire
Email: [email protected]
Representing: Government


North Central Division Representative

Patrick J Schmalz
Research Scientist
Minnnesota Department of Natural Resources
Aitkin, Minnesota
Email: [email protected]
Representing: Government
Term: September 2011-2014-2017

Southern Division Representatives

Jesse R. Fischer
North Carolina State University
Department of Applied Ecology
Raleigh, North Carolina
Email: [email protected]
Representing: Faculty
Term:  September 2014-2017

Donald J. Orth
Thomas H. Jones Professor
Fish and Wildlife Conservation (MC0321)
Virginia Tech University
Blacksburg, Virginia
Email: [email protected]
Representing: Faculty
Term:  September 2014-2017

Western Division Representative

Leanne H. Roulson 
HydroSolutions, Inc.
Bozeman, Montana
Email: [email protected]
Representing: Private
Term: September 2013-2016

Steve McMullin

Associate Department Head

Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences

Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, VA 24061-0321

Phone 540-231-8847

Fax 540-231-7580

[email protected]

Representing: Faculty, Southern Division

Term: Sept. 2009 – 2015