Education Subcommittee

The Education Subcommittee of the Board of Professional Certification approves or denies applications for professional certification with regard to educational requirements. It is their obligation to be fair and objective and to maintain the integrity of the process. They also strive to complete reviews in a timely manner. The subcommittee consists of five Certified Fisheries Professionals serving staggered three-year terms, one of whom is chair. The  Subcommittee also has at least one member from each Division, and all members are faculty members from colleges and universities at the time of appointment.

2015-2016 Education Subcommittee MEMBERS


Justin VanDeHey

North Central Division Representative
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Email: [email protected]


Melissa Wuellner

North Central Division Representative
Email: [email protected]

Northeastern Division Representative

David Argent
Email: [email protected]

Southern Division Representative

Bradley Ray
Email: [email protected]

Western Division Representative

Frank Rahel
Email: [email protected]