Best Paper in the Journal of Aquatic Animal Health

Darbi Jones accepts the 2020 Best Paper in Journal of Aquatic Animal Health award at the Baltimore Annual Meeting.

2021 Best Paper:

Title: “Widespread seropositivity to viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHSV) in four species of inland sport fishes in Wisconsin”

Authors: Whitney Thiel, Kathy Toohey-Kurth, David Giehtbrock, Bridget Baker, Megan Finley, and Tony Goldberg

Issue:  Journal of Aquatic Animal Health 33: 53-65.

Published under the guidance of the American Fisheries Society’s Fish Health Section, the Journal of Aquatic Animal Health serves the international community of scientists and culturists concerned with the health of aquatic organisms. It carries research papers on the causes, effects, treatments, and prevention of diseases of marine and freshwater organisms, particularly fish and shellfish. In addition, it contains papers that describe biochemical and physiological investigations into fish health that relate to assessing the impacts of both environmental and pathogenic features.