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Distance Education Plan

...programs can be updated over time: 1) Professional societies: The Wildlife Society – TWS currently has two online programs: the “Online Mentoring Program” and the “Online Mentoring Program for Native... Read More

AFS Membership Survey 2014

...Too finfish focused Location Netherlands, Nigeria, Turkey, Iran, Mexico, Canada, Argentina Technological difficulties Difficulty with online enrollment No response to email inquires Website is confusing Not familiar with the organization/... Read More

Type and Number

...and Canada: Cnidaria and Ctenophora, 2nd Edition SP29 Common and Scientific Names of Fishes from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, 6th Edition (superseded by SP34) SP30 Investigation and Monetary Values... Read More

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Online Resources

...list, online resources, snail recovery example stories, and other information. American Fisheries Society List of Crayfish of the United States and Canada The crayfish website provides access to the list... Read More


...journals online $25 Early Career Fisheries + journals online $50 Retired Fisheries + journals online $50 Life Member Fisheries + journals online $1,737 Low and Middle Income Countries Fisheries +... Read More

2014-2015—Annual Report

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Subscription Rates

Online Print + Online $1,911 $2,147   Single title subscriptions North American Journal of Aquaculture only Online Print + Online $536 $602   Journal of Aquatic Animal Health only Online... Read More